Clay County Beekeepers Association
Scheduled Meetings

Regular Monthly Meetings begin at 7PM, Mentoring Meetings begin at 10AM.

March 12:             Rob Horsburg (DPI Inspector - Keeping Quality Queens

March 10:            Beginner Beekeeper’s Short Course - 8:30am-3:30pm at the Extension Office.  As always all association members are more then welcome to attend and/or help at no charge.  Mentoring Meeting for this date is cancelled.

April 9:                 Ray Claxton (JAXBA Member) - Q & A on Keeping Honey Bees in North Florida

April 14:               Mentoring Meeting

May 14:                Al Salopek (VP Florida Backyard Beekeepers Association - Association Information

May 12:                Mentoring Meeting

June 9:                 Mentoring Meeting

June 11:               Open Discussion

July 9:                  Summer Dinner (Bring a Dish) 

July 14:                Mentoring Meeting

August 11:           Mentoring Meeting

August 13:          Ray Latner (Dadant High Springs Florida Manager) - Raising Queens

September 8:      Mentoring Meeting

September 10:

October 8:

October 13:           Mentoring Meeting

November10:        Mentoring Meeting

November 12:

December 8:         Mentoring Meeting

December10:        Holiday Dinner (Bring a Dish)  

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